Light, Shadows & Balance.

It will always take a light to shine in order create a shadow. Shadow is just another word for shade…which is really quite lovely on a hot sunny day. A perfect example of balance. Now, if you look close enough to either sides of this result you can find darkness. Yes, even in the light. Too much sun without protection (sunscreen or shade) and you will get burned. Too much darkness and you will not get your Vitamin D, etc., so forth and so on.

You desire a life filled with just love and light? Sorry, not possible. Anyone who says otherwise is just offending the Universal Principal of Balance. Yes, it’s true…there is in fact a principal for Balance. It kinda flows like this:

Success & Failure
Hot & Cold
Joy & Sadness
Pleasure & Pain
Health & Sickness

And so forth and so on….

This is just how the game of life is. You don’t get to have just all of the fun parts. No exceptions and this goes for everyone. Even animals understand this; birds fly south every winter so they won’t die. They may not like it, but it has to be done. Maybe that’s why they continue to drop bombs on unsuspecting humans along the way…they think we have it better. We don’t. (If only my wings could take me south every winter I promise that I would take bathroom breaks).

Anyway, what goes up must come down so it is better if we can just learn to accept it. (just don’t look up while walking under a flock of migrating birds). We need to accept it in ourselves and in the bigger scheme of things (talking about our planet here). The Universe is really just held together by balancing a bunch of positive & negative electrical energy; and quite well I might add. This provides us with a nice place to place our feet so we can dance the night away if we choose. It’s really just simple physics (dancing included) and when you can see and accept this flow of positive and negative energy in your life, then harmony & balance will be the result. Negative things are always going to happen and as soon as you can accept this then the sooner you will learn to balance yourself and go with your flow.

The other night my friend sent me a message in the middle of the night. He was distraught with the affairs of our world. He was bent from the burden of the pain he was shouldering… all darkness. He reached out to me and asked me how I did it. How did I manage to send out messages of positivity day in and day out? How could I shine my light so consistently in such darkness? My response was…Balance.

For every action there is a reaction. For every stab that the darkness makes I duck and fight back with a shot of love. Yes, it can be exhausting, especially if I am not balanced within myself. As a mother and a member of the human race  (a race that requires daily training I might add) I cannot sit back and let the darkness take over. I fight for balance.

If we spend our entire time looking for the negative in life, the universe will NOT disappoint us. I know that there are times when our batteries need charging, when we should seek out the light, but when we reach out to it we recoil. What we would really prefer would be to run and hide in the tight dark space under our beds in… the false hope that we will find balance hiding under there. Psst…you won’t. It’s a better practice to find a friend and kick the darkness in the but Ninja style. Nobody gets a free pass, $200 dollars, and is allowed to pass go. Rules of the game.

I struggle with this daily just like everyone else. I was a dancer and a gymnast and without balance in the physical world I wouldn’t have had a chance. Same goes for our psyche. Sometime peace can be found in the darker rooms of our mind, but it’s always nice to know where the light switch is. A person who dedicates their life to spreading light and teaching the principal of balance is often referred to as a Light Worker. I love this name because it is such an active one – it holds energy. Light Worker sounds like the perfect name for a super hero brigade. Yes, capes are always welcome.

This is life baby. We can’t change it and the sooner we accept that what goes up must come down, the sooner we will start moving to the groove of love. Eventually, we all learn to play this game. Wouldn’t you rather take a lovely stroll down a beautiful path then go sky diving in a tornado?

And so it goes, the tight walk with light and dark on the way to find balance.
One cannot exist without the other. I know that it all feels too big sometimes, but it really isn’t. Understanding that with simple physics and a lot of love you are well on your way to mastering the game. Sometimes its 2 steps forward and then 3 steps back, but you can’t give up. You can learn this dance…listen for the harmony in the universe, and maybe wear your cape. XO Ella


10 thoughts on “Light, Shadows & Balance.

  1. Thanks for all the hope you offer all of us who have walked or are walking a similar path. You offer us hope when at times it feels like no one understands our pain. Thanks for being a superhero!!!


    1. Oh Sioban…you will get here one day sister. I promise you. I promise to help…it’s been a bumpy couple days and I am finding my balance. Love to you my friend and thank you for your love and support. XO Ella


  2. I cannot begin to tell you how much I need this message today. As I catch up with all I missed over the past week, I seem to be finding what I need just as I need it. This one I need imprinted on my heart and on the front of my brain.

    Balance, yes that I need right now.

    Thank you for reminding me.


  3. Thank you Ella! You’re writings are raw and beautiful and I can always relate. I am embarking on a similar journey and you’re words encourage and inspire me to finally listen to my intuition, my heart and hear the cries of my soul! Wish me luck! Xoxox


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