Rebel Thriver is a (501c3)not for profit organization.

Inspiring a Revolution in Your Evolution

Our mission is to inspire, and empower survivors of domestic violence. We are dedicated to cultivating hope & helping them reclaim their lives after the trauma.  Rebel Thriver exists to inspire encourage, educate, advocate, and offer support for survivors so they can create healthy and
abundant lives full of hope for a better tomorrow.

Ella Hicks is Founder & Executive Director of Rebel Thriver, Life Coach for women, domestic violence advocate, writer, mother, artist, and everyday philosopher. 


I am a survivor of many things, however my biggest battle thus far came from surviving  my 12-year abusive marriage and it’s aftermath. It’s amazing how one relationship can change the entire trajectory of your life. Seeking safety I ran with my small children and left everything I knew behind; my home, career, colleagues, and friends in return for freedom and safety. I believe that we are meant to do so much more than simply survive our lives; we must give ourselves permission to live and begin again. We are allowed to Thrive.

I would like to thank Elizabeth Mayville for allowing me to use this painting as my likeness. For the safety of my family and myself I cannot use my own likeness. Thank you Elizabeth you have certainly filled a huge need of mine. You can see more of Elizabeth Mayville’s work at http://www.elizabethmayville.com or shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElizabethMayville

5 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Cindy, I am always working on a book but I haven’t yet published one. My first one is going to be about my life and how I overcame. Stay tuned and thanks for asking! xo Ella


  1. Hi Ella,
    I have been following the rebel thriver tribe for quite some time, and the posts always help me through a rainy day, or voice the feelings I couldn´t begin to put in to words myself. I want to translate your messages in to spanish…I love what Reading the posts makes me feel and even though I can´t translate it in to all languages, I would love to give it a shot in spanish…Let me know your thoughts??


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