Arriving Home


We come from all different backgrounds. Each of our stories are different. Yet how can we come together and understand each other? Our humanity forever links us. We all feel pain. We all know joy even if it’s fleeting, and laughter is a great connector. We recognize this in each other and in this there is a sense of understanding. However, the empathy we feel for others who are in the struggle I feel is the strongest. Today we can connect with people in social media and become dear friends on a soulful level. It’s not based on culture, socio-economics, religion, race, or personal style. If you throw out all of the superficial stuff and allow souls connect is it then just somehow more real? Perhaps it not a matter of being more real but I certainly think that it allows things to move faster to a soulful place.

This poster was made by my dear friend LB. She is also a survivor of domestic violence. Of anyone I have met I feel that she can understand my story the best for we walked a similar one.  When I first met her here on the Rebel Thriver Facebook page she was still in her abusive marriage, and I thought that if she and her kids made it out alive it would be miracle. I am happy to say that they are not only out of the bad situation and free from the abuse, but they have moved on and are working hard on healing & finding peace in their new life.

To any of you who are out there and feeling stuck remember LB and Me. Statistics would have both of us, and our children victims. Victim meaning we would be dead. How is it that we “made it out”?  We held onto the small spark within, knew we were destined for more, and ultimately as mothers knew we couldn’t give in. Even if we didn’t feel that we deserved something better we knew our children did. LB and I beat the odds. We are the lucky ones and we know it. So this is why we both work in our own ways to help others who are still trapped in an abusive relationship/marriage that feels more like a cage.

LB made the above poster for me to use for Rebel Thriver. As she moves along on her journey and heals I love seeing what she is awakening to. To see a woman go from being so broken that a gun to her head wasn’t the worst thing to happen to her bloom into a woman who is embracing her freedom and true self is beyond words. Her children are watching her grow and stand up for herself and that is powerful medicine. She broke the cycle and gave her children the thing she could…a chance.

That’s our story, but it can be anyone’s story if you just switch the details around. Once you make that decision to find your true home in this world you are on your way. It will be hard. There will be setbacks and possibly heartbreaks, but you can do it. Stay the course knowing that you are worthy of a peaceful life that is centered in joy. The journey is not about arriving at your destination, because you have already arrived once you make that decision to fly. You are home no matter where you are if you are free to be you authentically. Your destination is in every step you take. Never, ever, give up.

xo Ella

(Poster by LB)

7 thoughts on “Arriving Home

  1. Home is not a place. Home is a feeling. It’s where our heart is. For me arriving home is an endless journey where the destination is unknown and yet so very tangible I can almost feel it. And I do know that it’s every step of the way that matters, a whole is made out of tiny little steps, some have heartbreak, others joy, all mixed in equal ways. Never ever give up had always been an unconscious motto for me – back then I didn’t even realise how important it was to understand it consciously. Probably why I burst into tears when I saw your amazing poster “don’t you dare give up. not tonight. not tomorrow. not ever.” with the all powerful sea in it.

    Lots of love Ella, I hope you are healing fast and your life is full of happiness always. You’re amazing and thank you so much for being you and being here.


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