Can I Lend You My Wings?

We were all meant to soar!  To be free to fly free without any tethers.  It’s funny how life is though; it really is like a roller coaster…just when you find yourself up you can drop without a seconds notice.  That feeling of falling is almost indescribable.  You drop and the adrenaline hits your heart, and then it just starts beating in overtime.

We all sprout wings along the journey.  Some of us have lived through many storms and our wings are big and strong.  I run a Rebel Thriver group for women.  This is a closed group and it is really hard for me to put a label on it.  It is a group for women who have survived life so far.  It is an incredible group, and I hear the most incredible stories everyday.  We come together to support, inspire, and yes even cry together.  There is love abundant in this group and I am so proud to be a part of it.  The will to LIVE has never been more apparent to me than amongst these women.

Here’s the thing I have learned recently.  We all survive something… and life does take prisoners.  We don’t have to face it all alone though.  I wish that I had this incredible group of women assembled together a few years ago when I could barely think straight because life was just coming at me to fast.  Today, I KNOW that we are meant to reach out, help each other, love, and be loved back.  

Sometimes our wings don’t work.  We try and try, but we find ourselves exhausted and standing in the same place.  No movement.  When that happens I want to let you know that you don’t need to panic.  Sure life is scary some days, but you need not fear.  Fear and worry never solves anything.  It just makes it worse.  When you surround yourself with people who have survived insurmountable odds and can still laugh, count yourself blessed.  These very women that are so often times labeled “a mess” are your best allies.

Next time you are feeling weak, confused, or exhausted don’t be afraid to ask one of these incredible women if you can borrow their wings.  I assure you that if needed they will most definitely ask you when they are in need of a boost.  It is NOT a sign of weakness but of strength.  Knowing your limits and asking for help or guidance is a sign of strength.  Be proud of yourself and how far you have come.  

If you are reading this post and connecting with it at all, remember this key element…Life is give and take.  When you seek help, you will be supported.  When you are feeling strong that is when you need support others in return.  In this simple exercise we can unite together against fear, isolation, loneliness, and pain.  We can use these negative feelings to transform each other and grow.  There is strength in numbers and I believe that we can all SOAR, even if we are flying in tandem with someone else. 

(* I want to thank the active members of Rebel Thriver for showing more love then I thought was possible.  Each and every one of you are magnificent in your own ways.  I am blessed and honored to know you *)

4 thoughts on “Can I Lend You My Wings?

  1. Love you Ella, You teach me something new every single day and I’m so thankful for that! And im thankful for all you other beautiful Rebel Thrivers! ❤


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