“The Super Hero in me is tired.”

The first time I read this quote I claimed it for my own.  “The super hero in me is tired.”  It’s true we all get tired…sometimes absolutely exhausted.  Dealing with emotions can be really tough stuff.  If you have survived anything in this life and found the gumption to keep on going this post is for you.

What is a super hero exactly?

Someone who manifests a super-ability or superpower and generally acts heroically –  is brave, self-sacrificing, and willing to combat threats against humanity.  They have a strong moral code, including a willingness to risk one’s own safety in the service of good without expectation of reward. 

I have no magical powers.  My kids might disagree, but it’s true.  I am an ordinary person who has had to live through extraordinary circumstances.  I have walked through fire and come out slightly burned, but stronger.  I have seen dark days that I thought would never end, but they miraculously did.  I am so grateful that I had the inner strength to hang on to the idea of what might be… I never gave up on hope.

Sometimes it can be tiring.  Sometimes we feel like the one who is there for everyone else, but needs someone to pick us up from time to time.  Let’s be honest…life has the ability to beat you up pretty awful.  Having a few other like-minded people is invaluable when you feel like this.  Don’t be ashamed to ask for a little magic.  Super heroes often work best in tandem (think Batman & Robin).  It’s not always easy spreading hope and joy, especially when you aren’t feeling it yourself.

Do you need super powers to be a super hero?  No. We are all capable of being an everyday HERO in so many ways. Never forget that you are not alone in this life.  You are important and you matter so very much.  Start in your own backyard.  When we focus on our own inner pain it’s easy to overlook others close to us suffering.  Don your invisible cape and tiara and take flight!

You need to BELIEVE in something and share it.  Don’t keep it to yourself…pass it on.  There are so many other people out there who feel the same way you do.  Together you can build an inspirational bridge to the future.  To reach out your hand to your fellow-man with no expectation of any returns is about one of the most fulfilling things you can do.  Do it from the heart and pay it forward.  you never know when someone else is in a darker place then you.  This is powerful stuff my friends.  Inspiration begets more inspiration.  Keep it moving forward and try to illuminate the world!  

4 thoughts on ““The Super Hero in me is tired.”

  1. This unashamedly real post reminds me of a cartoon I have up on my refrigerator: An ordinary-looking middle-aged man sits at a bar next to a superhero in cowl and cape. The man says to the caped crusader: “Some of us are unsung heroes.”


  2. i am quite impressed with your ability to explain your recent darkness and then the steps you took and still take to move towards the light.

    i must admit there were and sometimes still are great moments of ” i can’t do one more thing ” and i would quit, you know like a 3 year old i would quit and sit down and then i would look over to my daughters room and think of all the things she would need in the morning and ……………… so baby steps for me even now.

    thank you for your hopeful words.


    1. Jerry, baby steps is what I tell all the RT women. We can’t do it all at once and sometimes it feels like we cant do anything…BUT, we do. We get up and we take a step because that is what we have committed to do as RT’s. It’s a choice, a way of life, a belief system. We keep going. xo Ella


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